This collaboration is founded by CSIC and Addis Ababa University who signed a Memorandum of Understanding in March 2011. Its core aim is to establish a scientific collaboration between Spanish scientific community and its counterpart in Ethiopia.

On the CSIC side, the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry, and on AAU side, the Chemistry Department, are the main architects of this fruitful endeavor.

Ethiopian landscape

Through this scientific collaboration the team tries to tackle endemic problems with local materials, zeolites. The main aims imply:

* Exploitation of natural resources. Systematic study regarding the occurrence, and critical analysis of the available geological data related to the zeolite bearing areas in Ethiopia.

* Capacity Building. The development of sustainable scientific knowledge devoted to zeolites in the Earth Sciences and Chemistry Departments (Addis Ababa University) is a must if we want to be successful.

* Sustainable development. It is known that zeolites are nowadays imported by Ethiopia for several industrial uses. There is the need for a good database of this natural resource for spreading and searching for potential demand and/or investors.