This collaboration is founded by CSIC and Addis Ababa University who signed a Memorandum of Understanding in March 2011. Its core aim is to establish a scientific collaboration between Spanish scientific community and its counterpart in Ethiopia.

On the CSIC side, the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry, and on AAU side, the Chemistry Department, are the main architects of this fruitful endeavor.read more

Ethiopian landscape


The teams members in this great endevor comprises very dedicated scienties and scolars with unpresedented experience in both sides. for detail click here

Natural Zeolites for elimination of Fluoride

Zeolites and fluoride-rich groundwaters are both usually associated to volcanic regions, and hence in this work we study natural zeolites as fluoride-adsorbents in order to develop a cheap and locally-available fluorosis mitigation technology.

Dental and skeletal fluorosis (fluoride poisoning) is endemic in the Ethiopian Rift Valley including some parts of Gambela Regional State. Children in particular are vulnerable to excessive fluoride intake because their permanent teeth are still being formed. In the Ethiopian Rift Valley, 41% of the drinking-water sources have a fluoride concentration exceeding 1.5 mg/L, read more